Hydrogen as primary energy carrier

Vacancy Electrical/Control/Mechanical Engineer - Energy Systems Simulation Developer

Are you ready to contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition by leveraging your energy systems simulation and development skills?

Join our team at HYGRO, a fast-growing green hydrogen energy company, and help shape the future of sustainable energy.

HYGRO aims to establish a sustainable supply chain with hydrogen as the primary energy carrier. As a market leader in the Netherlands, we are focused on replacing diesel and developing a nationwide network of hydrogen production locations, hubs, and satellite refuelling stations. By 2027, our goal is to supply hydrogen to at least a 1,000-truck equivalent. With a motivated and fun team of 15 FTE, we offer an exciting opportunity to work in a dynamic and evolving start-up environment.

As an Energy Systems Simulation Developer at HYGRO, you will play a vital role in our technical team. Your primary responsibility will be developing internal energy system modelling software to assess hydrogen production locations and system sizing for end-user applications. This involves delivering conceptual designs for optimal energy systems that incorporate hydrogen, tailored to each project. You will collaborate with cross-functional colleagues, including project managers, engineers, and financial experts, to design and optimize hydrogen energy systems. In addition, you will engage with relevant stakeholders such as government bodies, landowners, and project developers/engineers. Staying up-to-date with applicable laws and regulations related to hydrogen production and implementation at different offtake locations will be essential.



If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please contact:

Artur Makhmutov
email amakhmutov@hy-gro.nl
phone +31 6 57 14 20 00
Mick Kooter

email mkooter@hy-gro.nl
phone +31 6 43 20 00 16

To apply for this job, please send your motivation letter and CV to mkooter@hy-gro.nl.

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Stay in touch and receive HYGRO updates via E-mail