Hydrogen as primary energy carrier

Design & Approach

So, what can you expect from us? We offer a custom-made plan suited to your situation. In the plan, the following services can be included:

Overview of the chain

We provide an overview of the chain from sustainable energy source to end-user with hydrogen as the energy carrier. We look at which components/systems are needed, which considerations must be made for each component, and which possible suppliers there are. The aim of the case study is to gain an understanding of the possible considerations in the chain for your situation.

First design

Design considerations and the specific characteristics of the current situation, will be discussed in more detail. And a first design from electrolysis to the storage and distribution vessels to serve customers will be created.


A program with pricing mechanisms for hydrogen related to the diesel price, natural gas price, electricity price, CO2 price, excise and taxes and future price of hydrogen from the backbone is offered as well.

More detailed design

The design can then be further optimised taking into account the assumed capacities of the different components, budget, and simple cost price calculation.

Integral design

We include an integral design in which all kinds of complex considerations lead to an optimised system design. For example, we determine the optimal storage and distribution system based on seasonal influences on production and possibly offtake, or a new wind turbine with integrated electrolysis.

Business case

The setup of a full-fledged business case supporting the integral design.

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