Hydrogen as primary energy carrier


In the new energy system, hydrogen will serve as the primary energy carrier.

Hydrogen is not a solution to make existing chains more sustainable; it’s a new sustainable chain in and of itself. This chain has a lot of stakeholders, including legislative bodies, producers, technology providers and developers, application builders, and users. This new chain cannot be created overnight. Due to new technologies and possibilities, new relationships must be created between parties.

Collaboration with market actors as well as public and semi-public parties is essential to capitalise on the technical possibilities and commercial opportunities. Currently, there are sometimes unintended obstructions due to existing policies and regulations or, contrarily, due to a lack thereof.

This is precisely where HYGRO will make a difference. HYGRO has been active for many years as a developer of the hydrogen chain and we are looking to establish as many partnerships as possible in order to access opportunities and convert them into projects that can be financed.

Collaboration by participation

Together, Fleetcraft, MEP Energy and HYGRO founded the Joint Venture MOBIHY. Through MOBIHY, we lease fully operational vehicles powered by green hydrogen. MOBIHY focuses on the following vehicles:
• Trucks
• Delivery vans
• Forklift trucks

Please find more information about MOBIHY here.

Collaboration on projects

We are working on several innovative projects in collaboration with various organisations in the hydrogen chain.

For the DKTI Alkmaar, we are in close cooperation with GP Groot, Resato, Hyzon, TNO, Ginaf, H2X and Mobihy amongst others.

Eneco, Coöperatie Deltawind and HYGRO have a strategic partnership, Consortium of Producers, for the Van Pallandt project. They are currently working on the large-scale use of hydrogen turbines connected to a pipeline at Goeree-Overflakkee.

HYGRO is the driving force behind a consortium of six partners jointly working on a feasibility study for an offshore hydrogen turbine demonstrator in Rotterdam. TNO, Boskalis, Visser & Smit Hanab, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, SoluForce and HYGRO are working together on an unprecedented integration of technologies.

HYGRO also works closely together with Giner, NREL, Plug Power and GE on phase 2 of the American SBIR programme. Phase 1 resulted in the paper ‘Techno-economic analysis of offshore wind PEM water electrolysis for H2 production’.

We are always looking for more partners in the hydrogen chain in order to develop it together. Please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can be of help to one another.

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