Hydrogen as primary energy carrier

18 December NHNEXT from diesel to hydrogen

MONDAY, 18 DECEMBER 2023, 14:00

This broadcast from NHNEXT highlights the shift towards sustainable transport, with a special focus on whether hydrogen can be an alternative to diesel for hauliers. Find out the facts and considerations behind this development, and how it may affect the future of the transport sector.

The government is coming up with a new subsidy scheme to encourage hydrogen in transport. During the broadcast, you will find out whether the scheme is of interest to you, whether there is supply of hydrogen trucks and whether you can fill up with green hydrogen in North Holland.

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The broadcast will be held in Dutch.

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Speakers at NHNEXT

Led by Thijs Pennink, several experts will update you in half an hour, including:

Zepp Solutions - Manufacturer of Hydrogen Trucks

Find out more about which hydrogen truck can be ordered from Zepp Solution today and learn more about the benefits of coming directly from a leading manufacturer in this field.

HYGRO - Sustainable Hydrogen Production and Distribution

Learn more about the sustainable hydrogen production and distribution of HYGRO, a forerunner in providing hydrogen for transportation purposes.

NXT Mobility - Hydrogen Refuelling in North Holland

Find out more about NXT Mobility's hydrogen refuelling station in North Holland.

Mobihy - Mobility-as-a-Service for Hydrogen Trucks

Mobihy unburdens hauliers to run hydrogen trucks with a Mobility-as-a-Service total solution for hydrogen trucks. Learn how Mobihy lowers the barrier to making your operations with hydrogen trucks easy, efficient and sustainable.

AVIA Marees - More hydrogen refuelling locations in North Holland

AVIA Marees is working with HYGRO to realise a large hub hydrogen filling station along A7 in Wieringerwerf and 3 smaller and scalable hydrogen satellite filling stations in North Holland. The following locations are currently under investigation for this: Hoorn, Aalsmeer, Enkhuizen, De Stolpen and Heerhugowaard.

Why participate?

Subsidy Scheme for Hydrogen in Mobility (SWiM): Find out how the Subsidy Scheme for Hydrogen in Mobility enables the same Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for hydrogen trucks as diesel trucks.

Future-proofing: Understand why now is the right time to take action and how investing in hydrogen trucks will future-proof your business.

Insight into Innovation: Discover the latest innovations in hydrogen technology for trucks.

Sustainable Partnerships: Learn how partnering with other carriers and parties opens the way to sustainable transport.

We hope you will be inspired after the event and join the consortium to apply for the SWiM grant in early 2024.