Hydrogen as primary energy carrier

The iBundle: Revolutionising Hydrogen Storage and Distribution

The iBundle serves as the central point in the hydrogen chain, providing a ground-breaking solution for storage and distribution. Consisting of a pallet size package of four intelligent carbon fibre vessels. The innovative technology enables the seamless distribution of hydrogen to refuelling stations, contractors and various customers. By storing hydrogen under high pressure, the iBundle eliminates the need for a compressor at the customer site, making it the ideal choice for cost-conscious customers looking to minimise maintenance and capital expenditure.

Balancing supply and demand is a key challenge in a sustainable energy system. Both electricity and hydrogen experience fluctuations in demand, which require expensive storage and distribution infrastructure to maintain a reliable supply chain. Unlike the electricity grid, which struggles to store excess electricity, the hydrogen infrastructure excels at providing both peak capacity and storage capabilities at a relatively low cost. At the heart of this value chain is the iBundle, which performs several critical functions.

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Secure storage and distribution

Hydrogen Energy Storage: The iBundle serves as a reliable and efficient storage facility for hydrogen, enabling seamless supply during fluctuating demand periods.
Hydrogen Energy Distribution: By distributing hydrogen in pallet size bundles, the iBundle ensures efficient and secure distribution of hydrogen to various end points, including refuelling stations and other customers.
Compressor-Free Hydrogen Refueling: With the iBundle's high-pressure storage, hydrogen can be delivered directly to customers without the need for an additional compressor, significantly reducing operational maintenance and capital costs.

Benefits of the iBundle

  • Frame with Four Carbon Fibre Strong High-Pressure Vessels: Each iBundle unit, measuring 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.7 metres, consists of four carbon fibre vessels for exceptional strength, weight performance and durability.
  • Rated Capacity: The iBundle has a rated capacity of 75 kg of hydrogen (2,5 MWh battery equivalent), ensuring a steady supply of energy for demanding applications.
  • Effective Capacity: With an effective capacity of 60 kg of hydrogen (2 MWh battery equivalent), the iBundle optimises storage efficiency as well as maximising the usable amount of hydrogen.
  • Automatic and Safe Connection: The iBundle provides an automated and secure connection to docking bays, streamlining the refuelling process and ensuring safety at all times.

Available in 2025

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