Hydrogen as primary energy carrier


HYGRO has extensive knowledge of the integral hydrogen value chain, from the source to the end user.

By understanding the specific details of all components in the chain and their interaction, we can design the optimal chain for all kinds of projects. Our mindset is that of a project developer, whereby we want to maximise the economics with the best technology and system design. With this knowledge we offer affordable, custom-made services & products. Whether you need green hydrogen for your fleet, want us to co-develop your wind or solar hydrogen project, just need help with your business case, or want to hire a (small) hydrogen refuelling station, we can help you out and make sure that you and your customers will be happy.

Design & Approach

Would you like to know your optimal value chain? How the different components interact, technically and economically? How the design of your system can be configured, given your energy demand or what the business case will look like? We are happy to set up a solid business case, make an assessment or run a quick scan, depending on your situation.


With our expertise and experience, we can also co-develop your hydrogen wind and/or solar farm. With our knowledge, we can design the optimal hydrogen wind and/or solar farm with the lowest levelized costs. We can help select the best turbine for your situation, with the optimal layout. We will bring a new economic model to the table using our knowledge of technical developments, laws and regulations, and how to make it fundable. Collaboration and inclusion of all aspects within the chain is key.

Maintenance & Operations

As experts, we know the best method to integrate electrolysis with renewable energy sources and then distribute hydrogen to the client in a cost-effective way. Once the project is commissioned, let us take care of the day-to-day operations and maintenance. By connecting your project to other hydrogen projects close by, we can offer you and your clients the lowest cost price and security of supply. This is possible due to our smart data systems, which organise the daily management of the chain by continuously coordinating and optimising production, distribution, and usage.

In this short movie Jan Willem Langeraar, our director Business Development, explains how we produce affordable, green hydrogen.

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